Latest Adobe News

Latest Adobe News

Latest Adobe News
Latest Adobe News

Domi Domi Blocks Domi Domi Blocks is an educational app for...
Domi Domi Blocks Domi Domi Blocks is an educational app for kids aged 3-5, aimed to train logical thinking. Children follow color patterns and discover hidden pictures together with the cute characters. Beautiful artwork and fun sounds guide the child through 40 different activities. Domi Domi Blocks helps develop eye-hand coordination and spatial orientation. The creation of the app was supervised by experienced early years educators. Designed for Android and iOS devices. This application uses Adobe AIR ,Starling, Robotlegs and Signals Website iOS Android Youtube

Flickr Group Open
We have finally uploaded all pictures from the conference into our new Into The Box Flickr Group! Check out all the pictures, join the group and also upload any pictures you might have from the conference! Join The Group

Turning Buffers Into Readable Streams In Node.js
Ben Nadel looks at wrapping Buffers in a Readable stream that can be piped into HTTP response streams in Node.js....

Photoshop Actions to Take Adobe Textures Pro to the Next Level
Adobe Textures Pro is one of coolest panels that you can get for free from Adobe Add-ons site. If you do not have this panel installed, then I must inform you that you are missing. Read in this post about features and why you should consider installing Adobe Textures Pro. In this post I will provide you Photoshop actions and instructions how to take Textures Pro to the next level and to extend its capabilities when blending textures with images.About Adobe Textures Pro and why this set of actionsAdobe Textures Pro allows us to place more than one texture and

8 Misconceptions About Website Redesign Reasons
You should be confident in the necessity to redesign your website, otherwise you can make a fatal mistake that will break your existing website. Learn 8 common misconceptions about website redesign here, in this article.The post 8 Misconceptions About Website Redesign Reasons appeared first on MotoCMS.

jQuery .validate – what does optional really mean?
When you look customising validation rules and/or handlers for the jQuery validate plugin, you run across a lot of code that looks like this: So obviously, that means “Don’t bother checking this field if it’s optional”, right? Wrong! There are two important things you need to know about jQuery validate’s optional() function: It is NOT […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone 
With the news of the iPhone 6 and the Android One both set to hit the shelves this September, we can often feel spoilt for choice when it comes to buying a new smartphone. However, when making our choices, it’s important to consider just what we’ll be using the phone for, whether it’s photography, gaming, […]

Underestimating the Importance of ERP Is Suicidal
  Year on year, much in the ERP software industry has remained the same & lot of things have changed as well. ERP failures are making their way up on the task list for software vendors, IT heads, ERP project managers and of course, all those business houses who have already invested a lot of […]

Two Handy Swift Extensions: Hermite Splines and Image Resizing
As part of my Swift Image Tone Curve Editor, I wanted to draw a smooth spline passing through a number of points. There's nothing 'out of the box' in Swift to do this - the standard UIBezierPath can draw cubic and quadratic Beziers, but it takes a little work to set the control points to make a nice continuous curve.There are two common solutions: Catmull Rom and Hermite. Luckily, I found this great article discussing implementing both in Objective-C and even luckier, it includes the source code. So, it didn't take long for me to port that code to Swift and implement

Nikon D3300
Are you looking to take great pictures of kids in action, beautiful landscapes, or people at a party, in any kind of light, with an economical, lightweight, consumer DSLR? Then the Nikon D3300 is for you.

Learning iPhone Game Development with Cocos2D 3.0 book review
Build amazing iPhone games with "Learning iPhone Game Development with Cocos2D 3.0" book

Omega – Create this Abstract Composite Using Only Three Resources
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create abstract and fantastic photo manipulation with a immersive, 3-D and Radiation effects! You will learn how to working with Smart filters in Photoshop and use them, create your own brush from lightning’s, quick and simple work techniques and many other! Then complete it with a dark or […]

What to Expect This Week
Our developers have been working on a number of great improvements for DMXzone Bootstrap 3, DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements, DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation and of course their free add-on DMXzone Bootswatch extension. In today's designer showcase we'll give you a sneak preview of what to expect on Wednesday because we used one of the future included themes in DMXzone Bootswatch - the Sandstone. Check out the demo below and see how great this new theme looks on a page along all Bootstrap 3 tools and HTML5 Animate CSS.If you still don't have these great Dreamweaver extension we have them nicely

Sandstone Design App Showcase
For this showcase we used the Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection which features DMXzone Bootstrap 3 for the responsive layout, Elements for the content, Navigation for the menu and also the sandstone theme from the DMXzone Bootswatch. Additionally, we have HTML5 Animate CSS which triggers onscroll animations for the features highlights.

Online learning becomes online marketing
Check out this new case study – it explores how ThinkBuzan expanded their business opportunities by creating engaging eLearning an mLearning with the new Adobe Captivate 8. Rapidly producing visually compelling e-learning content is helping a pioneer in visual thinking sell its innovative software applications. ThinkBuzan uses Adobe Captivate to educate potential customers about its […]


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